Kudumba Life is a small family-run health and well-being business based in Melbourne, Australia that offers Yoga classes & workshops to be facilitated by traditional Yoga Acharyas/teachers from Kerala, India.

Kudumba means “family” in Malayalam, the language of Kerala, India. At Kudumba Life, we believe that we are all one big family and there is mutuality in all our interactions. Our mission is to travel the world, forge connections, learn from each other and make a positive difference. 

How did it all start

Kudumba Life was formed in response to interest from the Yoga teachers in India to come and share their knowledge with folks in Melbourne. 

It was conceptualized way back in 2017 when Elizebeth met Sri Ayyapan of Sri Yoga Darshan who aims to spread the virtues of Yoga far and wide in the world.

Who are the teachers

The teachers are composed of professional and passionate Yoga teachers from Sri Yoga Darshan namely, Sri Subramaniam Venkitachalam and his sons Sri Srikkanth Subramaniam, Sri Rajendran Subramaniam, and Sri Ayyappan Subramaniam.

This family has instilled a simplistic and holistic practice that yields synergistic positioning of the mind, body, and soul. 

What we offer

We aim to share a piece of this family tradition by imparting the age-old art and science of breathing health through healing breath. Our core principle lies within the virtue of gratitude. We believe that gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. We hope that through our yoga workshops, we could inspire others to develop a healthy and well-rounded mind and body which seeks to live with love and humility.


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