Kudumba Life Workshop officially starts

On 10th of January, the Kudumba Life January 2020 Yoga Workshop officially kick-started with so much Yoga learning and fun at AuburnLife, 597 Burwood Road, Hawthorn, Victoria

There was a lot of interest in topics such as Pranayama (Yogic Breathing) utilising our lung capacity better, Relaxation, Yogic way of eating or the Art of Eating, Yoga for fitness and Yoga for therapy- using Yoga therapeutically.

In the coming days the team will be going into further detail in each of these topics. There will be two hour classes to be broken down to one hour of Yoga practice and a second hour of specific areas of focus such as breathing, eating, therapeutic use of Yoga and meditation and deep relaxation.

There was also interest in individual programs to help with specific issues such as weight loss, breathing, back pain and these are being offered to individuals as a 30 minute block before or after the 2 hours sessions they attend. If there is enough interest in a particular area, we can run special sessions for these topics such as Pranayama, Relaxation techniques, Weight loss and others.

Our Yoga teachers invite the people from Melbourne and neighbouring areas to come and join us to learn, retreat, rejuvenate, relax and enjoy yoga the authentic way.


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